H.G. WELLS (1866-1946)

H.G. Wells
H.G. Wells was the author of over fifty books and was nominated 4 times for the Nobel Prize in Literature. He and Jules Verne are the two people most commonly considered to be the first great science fiction author.

He wasn't always a writer - he was apprenticed as a draper for a few years when young, but he left this to become a teacher and then went back to school to earn a zoology degree. His non-literary personal life included two wives, numerous affairs with high-profile women, and being a founding member of the UK's largest diabetes charity.

After writing a biology textbook and a number of shorter pieces under pseudonyms, he finally published his first science fiction novel, The Time Machine, in 1895. From then on he wrote full-time, mostly science fiction. Wells also wrote non-fiction, mainly historical topics, and he even wrote the first set of rules for war gaming using miniatures.

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